Bitcoin, Lightning, EOS June 1st, DeFi, Globalcoin, Tesla, and Inflation

As the price of bitcoin continues to rise, fees also are increasing and the conversation of scaling will become more and more prominent. In this bull run, adoption of lightning will become necessary or users will shift to other projects.

Block One will be announcing new projects and a development roadmap come June 1st. Depending on the announcement, it could drive the broader market higher, but more likely, it will either push EOS higher due to excitement or pull it lower as speculators sell out post announcement (buy the rumor, sell the news).

Tooling for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) continues to grow on the Ethereum network. MakerDAO, Dai, Dharma, and Compound are discussed.

Tesla’s current market position and outlook are discussed. Tesla has been under pressure with lackluster demand, talks of restructuring, and skepticism on their robotaxi promise.

Finally, we discuss the broader economy including recent increases in the US inflation rate, the structure of the yield curve, and how this may ultimately impact cryptocurrency.