What to Expect with ASIC Cryptomining

In this podcast I discuss the current state of cryptomining and where we go from here. It's no secret that ASICs are becoming entrenched, but is that really a bad thing, or the natural course?

The Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token

There are a handful of utility tokens that are actively being used in conjunction with a functioning product. The Basic Attention Token or BAT is a prime example of just that. In this article we'll...

Risks and Profitability for ASIC Cryptomining

Bitmain, the dominant ASIC manufacturer for cryptomining, has been on a tear lately, cracking many mining algorithms that had been touted as "ASIC-resistant." Often the term is confused with being ASIC-proof, which isn't really possible....

Is Crypto Finally Back on Track?

In this podcast I discuss the latest crypto price action, potential reasons for the Q1 decline, and what the future of crypto looks like from today's perspective.

My Greatest Fear when Investing in Cryptoassets Today

As the crypto saga unfolds its increasingly important to keep a pulse on market conditions and assess when to buy, add to your positions, or even sell. In this podcast I discuss a major risk...

Are Cryptoassets Long-Term Investments or Tradeable Assets?

Cryptoassets don't conform to traditional investments making them difficult to value. In this podcast I discuss the fundamental value of blockchain technology and if projects can or should be viewed as investments. https://soundcloud.com/blackchainco/are-cryptoassets-long-term-investments-or-simply-tradeable-assets

Commentary on Current Crypto Crash and Top Coins

In this podcast I discuss the current crypto crash and some high level thoughts for the top coins. At some point the market will present a great buying opportunity, but until then, enjoy the ride. https://soundcloud.com/blackchainco/commentary-on-current-crash-and-top-coins

Investment Considerations when Mining Bitcoin

In this podcast I discuss cryptocurrency mining from an investment perspective. Equipment, electrical, and overhead costs are discussed, plus block rewards, hashing power, reward halving, hedging, and several other key concepts that every investor should...