Earn BAT with Brave, DAI Stability Issues, and Tether Controversy

Brave has launched a new service that pays users for viewing ads, MakerDAO attempts to stabilize DAI by increasing the stability fee, and Tether is mired in Bitfinex controversy.

Market Update, Binance Chain, Stablecoins, & Bitcoin SV

It looks like we have finally exited the bear market and a new bull market may be upon. As the market stabilizes and markets mature new technology and opportunities continue to unfold. In this...

Has the Crypto Bear Market Come to an End?

The crypto climate seems to be transitioning from a bear market to a bull market. During the transition we are sure to see a lot of volatility, but the structural issues of 2018 seem...

The State of Crypto Mining, Grin, and Obelisk

In this podcast I discuss the current state of crypto mining and briefly touch on Grin coin, ASIC resistance, and Obelisks GRN1 pre-sale.

2019 Cryptocurrency Outlook

In this podcast I discuss the outlook for crypto in 2019, discussing several of the top coins and how the technology, adoption metrics, and financial considerations may look.

Strategies for the Current Crypto Market

We review some of the latest crypto news, discuss strategies in the current crypto bear market, and provide some commentary on industry outlook.

Which Crypto Projects will Survive the Bear Market?

Crypto winter is here and it's time to evaluate which projects will survive the bear market. In this podcast we discuss the outlook and evaluation methods.

Is Crypto Dead, Again?

The crypto bubble has burst and everyone is wondering if it's the end. Many pundits will point to Bitcoin's previous declines as similar, but history doesn't always repeat itself. Is $20,000+ still in the...

What to Expect with ASIC Cryptomining

In this podcast I discuss the current state of cryptomining and where we go from here. It's no secret that ASICs are becoming entrenched, but is that really a bad thing, or the natural...

The Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token

There are a handful of utility tokens that are actively being used in conjunction with a functioning product. The Basic Attention Token or BAT is a prime example of just that. In this article...

Risks and Profitability for ASIC Cryptomining

Bitmain, the dominant ASIC manufacturer for cryptomining, has been on a tear lately, cracking many mining algorithms that had been touted as "ASIC-resistant." Often the term is confused with being ASIC-proof, which isn't really...

Is Crypto Finally Back on Track?

In this podcast I discuss the latest crypto price action, potential reasons for the Q1 decline, and what the future of crypto looks like from today's perspective.